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3 Easy steps to get Your Closet Fall Ready!

As the temps begin to slowly dip and Fall creeps up on us, a little closet refresh is the best way to get you right on track for your Fall looks. Fall is one of my fave seasons because the air is crisp, the beautiful foliage, and the temps are super comfortable. Most importantly, I get to really showcase my style with layering, statement hats and dope jackets.

A closet Edit is the perfect way to get some clarity in your closet.

When working with my clients, a Closet Edit is a prerequisite before we even begin any shopping or styling. It allows you to see what you have. Try things on to see if you still love it on your body. You have a better sense of what purchases you really need to make. In addition, you have more insight of your personal style and if you need any updates for the season.

I've been trying to get myself in the habit of doing my own closet edits and it really creates a breath of fresh air. With a hectic schedule of being a mom of two young kiddos, it's the ultimate life saver and money saver too! So many times we run out and make the same purchases over and over every season. I know I've been guilty of this. Making purchases and when I get home, I literally have something similar in my closet... thus why the Closet Edit is so essential!

So here's my 3 easy steps to refresh your Closet for Fall!

1st Step: Bye Bye Summer

Sort through your existing summer pieces and organize them by tops, bottoms, dresses etc. Fold them and store away by categories. Placing all your T shirts together, shorts together and so on.

For your summer dresses you don't want to fold, hang in another closet (if available) to make room for your Fall items. You can hang dresses in a hanging storage bag like this one from the Container Store. If your space is limited, you can place dresses behind your Fall pieces in a garment bag.

Step 2: The Edit

It's that time to take out all of your Fall pieces from last season. It's helpful to try your items on. I make my clients try on Everything! That's the only way you will know what the deal is with your closet. Try on each piece in front of your mirror, and let the fashion show begin :).

I know this can be a little dreadful and overwhelming, but trust me, it will be all worth it! If you really need some help, get your girls or family members in on it and replay that famous Sex and the City scene!! (see below).

Decluttering your closet will make you take a hard look at items that are not so flattering or outdated. It allows you to revisit those fierce pieces you can't live without. Listen, you may even have some amazing items you can sell to make a little extra cash!

Create 3 Piles for your Edit:

Grab some large garbage bags and get started.

A. Keepers

B. Maybe

C. Sell/Donate

Your Keepers are the pieces that are still fitting and make you feel confident and fabulous. Keepers can be those transitional pieces in great condition like your staple blazers and chunky sweaters. If it feels a little too snug, or you're uncomfortable in it, maybe it's time to part ways.

Your Maybe Pile are those you are a little indecisive about. You can put them off to the side and revisit at a later date, no pressure. This could be items of sentimental value. That college sweatshirt you wore to death.. Oh and that denim jacket you had since God knows when.. you get my drift :) I think I still have my T shirt from H.S. gym class :) Sorry, I just can't let it go!

Next you have your items that can possibly make you some extra cash. These pieces should be in excellent condition, and great quality. You may even find some with tags on them. (I've been guilty too many times of this). With a Closet Edit, you will definitely find things you probably didn't even know you had. It's an eye opener for sure!

Here are my top recommendations to sell your goods:

Luxury Garage Sale - Great for those high quality luxury items like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

The RealReal - Another great option to consign your luxury items.

ThreadUp - Sell you favorite brands like Zara and H&M.

Lastly for those pieces that have no hope in your closet, you can now donate to retailers like &Other Stories and H&M. They have great recycling programs. You can drop off your unwanted goods in exchange for vouchers and even discounts. Check your local area for drop off locations.

You also have the option to donate to your local Goodwill.

Step 3: The Overview

Now you're left with a closet that is a bit more streamlined. Take a step back and go over what you have left. You can visually see what you have and make informed decisions about what you may need to add/purchase for this new Fall season.

Create a shopping list (if you need to add pieces) to give you some direction when shopping. This will alleviate the duplicates and over spending.

Hope you enjoyed my tips :)

Happy Fabulous Fall to All!!

To learn more about my Closet & Styling Services, please click here.

If you have any questions about a Closet Edit or if you just want to say hey, you can drop me a line at

With Love & Style

Nesta Simone

IG: @nestasimonestyle

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