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Client Diaries: Sarah Veyland Closet Edit & Style Revamp.

As a Personal Stylist, I get to meet some really awesome women while helping them get their "Style Confidence" back. One of my top services is the Closet Edit. Having someone come into your home and analyze every piece in your closet is a very intimate experience. It can be very nerve wrecking for a client, but we take it step by step so they feel totally at ease during the process. The end result is truly rewarding!!

Meet my Client Sarah Veyland who received A Closet Edit and Style makeover with me!

Sarah Veyland

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

My name is Sarah. I’m 29 years old, and was born and raised in New Jersey. Recently, I have returned to New Jersey after spending seven years abroad, studying, working, learning, and wandering. I am a businesswoman and creative professional.

2. What made you decide to seek out the professional help of a Personal Stylist?

There were a combination of factors that made me decide to seek out a Personal Stylist. I had been living abroad for seven years, and had just moved back to the US. I was in the middle of a career transition. I lost weight. My life was in complete flux. But my closet remained static. It was a mess of clothes from what was in storage while I was abroad, things I brought back from living abroad, oversized clothes, undersized clothes. I had clothing from every stage of my life. They were like bookmarks. Showing who I was and where I was at every stage in my life. It was a museum, a personal history, a story, but not a functioning wardrobe. My closet was overflowing with clothing, and I didn’t wear any of it. I ended up wearing the same two or three items over and over. One morning, getting dressed, I decided enough was enough. I knew I needed help!

Sarah Veyland

I introduced Sarah to implement stylish jumpsuits for date night or special events in her wardrobe. Sarah is petite and curvy. This gorg printed jumpsuit by Anthropologie .

elongates her frame while flattering her curves. She's totally loving her look and she owns it!

3. What was your experience like working with Nesta?

Working with Nesta was smooth and easy from day one. I felt understood from our very first emails. We ‘met’ for the first time on a Skype call. It was supposed to be a brief introduction, but we chatted for almost an hour. Nesta is creative and flexible. She customized the experience to what I needed. She has such a great eye for what flatters the body. Nesta showed me why the items in my closet didn’t work for me. She helped me learn what would work better. Nesta kept close contact with me through each step of the process making sure that I felt comfortable and that my needs were being met. Nesta is not pushy. She makes suggestions and encourages you to try new things. But she never makes you feel obliged to buy something or feel badly for not buying something. The best part of the process was the final appointment to style the new clothes Nesta helped me select. At first I didn’t understand why such an appointment was necessary. After all, I have clothes and I know how to wear them. Why do I need to be styled? It turns out I was wrong. Nesta has such a creative imagination and a great eye for fashion. She taught me how to put together looks in ways I had never thought of. It elevated my new wardrobe to a more sophisticated and interesting level. It also made me feel as though I had ten times more clothing than I actually did because there were so many ways to wear any particular item. I learned that I do not need so much clothing, rather the same item can be worn so many ways.

Sarah traveling abroad in another jumpsuit she totally loves. The vibrant blue color, wrap detail and belted waist is all working for her frame. Jumpsuit by Vince Camuto.

4. How has this experience help you discover your own personal style and what impact has it made in your everyday life?

After this experience with Nesta, I feel that my wardrobe and style better reflects who I am and where I am in my life today. I am more confident when attending professional meetings and events. My image presents who I am and what I represent before I say a word. Now getting dressed in the morning is easy and enjoyable. I no longer struggle to decide what to wear. I no longer need to search through all the clothes in my closet I don’t like and settle on the same thing yet again. Now I can refer to the reference pictures Nesta took during our styling appointment, and get dressed in minutes. I know exactly which outfit suits each occasion. I am prepared for anything. I feel happy and confident. I look better than ever.

Plus, since my experience with Nesta, all my family and friends have noticed the difference. I’ve gotten so many compliments about how great I look. Professionally, I feel as though I am taken more seriously.

5. Any last words to our readers:

I highly recommend Nesta. Hiring Nesta was a great decision. You won’t regret it!

Thank you Sarah for allowing me to be a apart of this transitional period in your life. You look amazing and you're oozing confidence like I know you would.. XOXO

Want to get your closet and style revamped for Spring/Summer? Get more info here at Nesta Simone.

With Love & Style

Nesta Simone

IG: @nestasimonestyle

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