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  • Nesta Simone

The Power of Owning Your Style Story!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

There is so much power in owning your style story. So much power in aligning your image to your current stage in your life.

What exactly is your style story? Your style story is how you use your outfits to feel empowered in your business and personal lives.

As we're leaving summer behind and entering a new season, I wanted to share the power your style and image has in your everyday life. The message your outfits sends can create incredibly positive results or it can leave you feeling lackluster.

Here are my TOP 5 REASONS why there is POWER in OWNING your STYLE STORY:

#1 - Restore and rebuild Your Confidence

You will be able to walk into rooms with killer confidence. Command the space you're in with your style presence. Your confidence will radiate allowing to be the best version of yourself.

#2 - Attract New Opportunities and Clients

With a new elevated style, people will take notice. Your outfits will be the Conversation starter. You will attract the right opportunities and clients because you took the time to invest in your image.

#3 - Increase Your Online and Offline Presence.

Owning your style story will gain you new visibility online for sure. You will be able to meet and engage with new people and create a stronger image for your brand or your personal lifestyle. Even for my own business, when I invest in a brand photoshoot, my online presence skyrockets!

#4 - Build Trust with Your Audience

When you show up with a style presence that enhances who you are, you will get your audience to trust you and what you stand for. They will see you as a woman taking control of her image narrative.

Tip #5 - Amplify your Leadership Presence

Whether you're running a business or in a leadership position, owning your style story will take your leadership presence to the next level. Your outfits will magnify your personality so you can effortlessly communicate with your team, your co-workers or your clients.

The Take Away:

As a woman juggling many roles in your career, business and personal life, the power of owning your style story is so necessary to live your fullest potential. It sets the tone in spaces you show up. It's the first communicator when engaging with your peers and clients. It will allow you to fearlessly lead with style and confidence.

If you have elevated in your career, in a leadership role, or an entrepreneur desiring to align your image with this stage in your life, please feel free to leave me a comment below. If you ready to have convo and get started on your new style direction, Click Here to schedule a 30 minute complimentary Style Direction Call. Look forward to connecting with you!

With Love & Style,

Your Style Empowerment Coach

Nest Simone

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