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New Year, New Goals, New Baby Arrival!

Happy New Year Loves!!

I feel totally excited about 2018! For one, I am blessed to be giving birth this Spring to my 2nd child!! I already have an amazing super entertaining 3 year old boy who lights up my world. I can already feel the love growing in my immediate family and I am so thrilled to have another addition join us. I plan to share my challenges and fun ways I can try to still look like a fly Mama :) The key word is try! With my experience in my first pregnancy, pieces with lost of stretch factor is key. I think there is definitely more choices available on the market. Even though pregnancy comes with lots of aches and pain ( I'm literally experiencing sciatic nerve pain, heart burn and the list continues), but I still want to find the energy to make myself look good. It helps your spirit tremendously when you're not feeling your best. As you can see in my pics, I am taking advantage of finding pieces that fit the Bump comfortably, yet allowing me to express my own sense of style.

I instantly loved the comfort, warm peach color and fit of this shift dress. The faux leather ruffle sleeves sold it for me. I am that girl who gravitates towards clean silhouettes with that surprise element. I accentuated my look with a glam ink blue faux fur jacket, flirty fringe navy earrings, a pop of sleek white pumps and rose gold rings and bracelet. I totally had fun of mixing dark blues with a soft feminine pastel color. It's all about having fun and feeling effortless with your looks. I felt like a Boss Babe Mommy to be!

Below I did a Flat Lay of my Look to give me a visual of styling my outfit.

In 2018 my goal is to share more of my Styling work of my clients. I will also share my maternity style journey with you guys! I know I have will have lots on my plate, but I believe there is not time to "waste time". It's all about formulating your plans and Executing! Most importantly..enjoying the Journey.

So many goals and dreams we all want to accomplish. I believe if we take small little steps, writing down our goals, and yes, dream BIG, we will see the vision start to slowly become a reality.

Here is to to a fantastic 2018 filled with a positive tribe who supports you, doors that will open up for you and most importantly health and lots of Love!

With Love & Style,

Nesta Simone

Outfit Details

Dress: Tia's Place

Jacket: Zara

Accessories: Tia's Place

Shoes: Asos

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