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3 Tips to Discover and Own Your Style!

There can be so much noise in the fashion world with what's hot and what's on trend. With Fashion Week happening this week, we get a glimpse on all the fabulous upcoming trends for next Spring. When it comes to your own style, it can get a bit confusing trying to figure out what works for you. I must admit, I myself get so excited when I receive my Style Watch or InStyle in the mail. I'm eager to see all the gorg editorial spreads and fashion ad campaigns to get inspired. What I've learned is, it's only suppose to be for inspiration! No two bodies are alike, we are not the celebs clamored on the covers of fashion magazines. At the end of the day, it's all about what brings out your confidence and makes you feel like the Queen you are!

Nesta Simone Personal Stylist

I am here to share my tips on how you can decipher through the fashion clutter and discover what really works for you!

1. If it makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway, don't wear it.

It's the worst feeling in the world when you have to go to an event and you wear an outfit because it's trendy, and you feel super awkward and uneasy. You want to feel confident when you step into any room! Don't wear something to make you fall short of your true beauty. You know the difference when you wear a killer outfit, how it makes you come alive and put that extra swagger in your walk. Compared to an ultra trendy fast-fashion look where you may feel you are trying too hard. Confidence and Comfort go in hand in hand. Find pieces you can shine in, making you feel truly confident yet giving you that comfort factor.

2. Play up your best assets.. and the ones that give you a hard time, you play them up too!

I know one of my best assets are my shoulders. So in warmer months, I do wear one shoulders, slouchy tees showing a bit of shoulder and off the shoulders tops. Also with my petite frame, I've learned giving the "cold shoulder" actually lengthens my neckline. I am drawn to wide leg pants as seen in this post because they make me feel amazing and I wish I grew up the 70's to wear them like crazy. They're also making a comeback..YAY! What I also discovered, wide leg pants really elongates my frame. It gives me the illusion that I'm like 5'7 when I'm really 5'3 :). So I took my more difficult assets, like my shorter legs and short torso and found ways to flip it. Appreciating what God gave you and making it work! You'd be surprised when you learn to love your whole body, dressing becomes so much easier.

Nesta Simone Personal Stylist

3.Find pieces that evokes Joy and speak to your Personality!

When I find a jacket or a jeans that fits like no other; where I burst into a happy dance, I found a winner. Stick with those pieces that make you smile and make you feel sensational. It really comes down to how your clothes make you feel. When I put on this floral off the shoulder bodysuit from Tia's Place, I immediately lit up and I felt beautiful and's a YES! I was drawn to these indigo blue denim culottes. I knew it was my style and true to my personality. Don't just make a purchase because your bestie has it or it's on sale. Oh, the "it's on sale" trick can get you every time..LOL! Seek colors and prints that make you pop. Go with your gut and try and stay true to who you are. Have FUN with it!

Most importantly, fashion changes as quickly as the wind blows. Style is a feeling. It's how you carry yourself in a room, how you present yourself to the world. Style comes from within. It's part of your personality. It's an energy. It vibrates to world who you are and the message you're trying to convey. When you begin to discover what works for your body and what makes your beauty come thru.. you have owned your Style!

If you need some advice on discovering you own style, feel free to contact me at I would love to hear from you!!

With Love & Style,

Nesta Simone

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