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Summer Travels: 4 Easy Steps to Be Outfit Ready!

Once I became a mom, anything I could do to save time and make my life easier was a win-win in my book! As we all are enjoying our Summer and basking in the sun, many of us are preparing to treat ourselves to a little summer getaway. Whether you are headed to Miami or you finally decided to bite the bullet and book your dream vaca to Italy, my style tips will be a game changer for you!

Ok, so as I prepare for my own dream vaca to Venice, Montenegro and Greece, I realized I needed a strategy to get my outfits together fast. With such a jam-packed trip and a hubby who has no patience for me to take an hour to get dressed :) I came up with these super easy Pre-Styling Tips to get Outfit Ready in a snap!

Step 1.

Display all the pieces you are thinking of wearing on your vaca (including shoes). Keep in mind the weather and activities you maybe doing on your trip. Think about how many days you will be away and create outfits for each. I love using my collapsable clothing rack by the Container Store to hang all my pieces. It's so convenient, light and it easily folds up. I can lay my shoes on the floor below rack, which creates great visual for prepping my looks pretty fast.

Display your Pieces!

Step 2.

This is where you will begin pre-styling your looks. Begin pairing your tops with your bottoms. See what sandals may work with your sundresses. Work on creating your looks and add accessories later. I will show you in the next step how to easily accessorize. Once you create 1 outfit, separate it off to the side on the rack then move on to the next look. This process takes less than hour and its so much fun!

Step 3.

Once you've created your looks, try on to make sure you love!! Have yourself a little fashion show. Invite your bestie over to get in on some of the action :) This is where you can edit, swap a top with another look, see what makes you feel your best. Get your gorg accessories out, hats, sunnies, bags and just play around to see what works. Remember ladies its just clothes, so enjoy the process!

Step 4.

Take a quick pic of your outfits with your smart phone for reference. Once you arrive to your destination (and in case you may forget), you can simply take a look at your "Vaca Outfit Gallery"and boom, you right on track. You can take a selfie in your looks. I decided to do a flat lay in my living room and snap away. Super easy and yes..saves mama time! When you pack, try to keep you looks together if possible. Once you arrive at your destination, check-in and have a glass of something nice, you can unpack feeling stress free!

Flay Lays

Flat Lays

You will be over the moon happy, your friends will be happy(not asking what's taking you so long to get ready), your man will be happy(not asking what's taking you so long to get ready) Lol!! You get the point... I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you try these pre-styling tips for your summer travel! Spend more time relaxing and less time stressing over your outfits.

Happy Summer Loves!!!

With Love & Style

Nesta Simone

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