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Welcome To Nesta Simone: Personal Fashion Styling!

Welcome to my new Nesta Simone website!!! Such an exciting time to start this new venture with you! The creation of this site was a labor of love. There were lots of do-overs and stepping away from it to collect fresh thoughts that are true to me. Hearing my own voice while seeing my vision come to fruition is the ultimate reward. Well it's finally here and I am ready to take this new journey with you!

Nesta Simone Personal Stylist

I've traveled many roads in the fashion industry since 2001. I've been behind the scenes, I've been brave enough to try things solo. Through it all, my heart continues to reach back to one common denominator; empowering my ladies and celebrating the strength and beauty in ALL of us! I just feel as women we are so darn powerful! We sometimes need to tap into that power, or sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit and just forget how much power we really posses.

Nesta Simone Personal Stylist

Nesta Simone is here as a platform to serve the busy woman on the go! You juggle so much, but making time to take care of you, is essential. Whether you need a closet refresh or help looking totally chic; my goal is to make YOU feel empowered, sexy, confident, bold and courageous. As a Personal Stylist, I find ways to make you look amazing. I learn more about who you are so I can bring the daring diva out of you. I encourage You to invest in yourself. I uplift You because I want you to win. We all have our own unique sense of style. I am here to show you how to embrace it and own it!

Nesta Simone Personal Stylist

As a mom to an almost 3 year old, I had to figure out some things about who I was, my own style and find ways to make my life a little easier. I know longer had the luxury of spending hours looking for an outfit and aimlessly fiddling around wasting time. My son is literally on my ankles; ain't nobody got time for that :) I no loner had the time or money to over shop; finding pieces with tags that never see the light of day. A waste of money and waste of clothes adding total chaos to my life and closet! This bad habit had to go.

I had to get clear real quick, switch up my thought process on clothing and clutter and find some clarity in my closet.

My closet is not my dream closet (not yet), but its serves me very well where I can pull a stylish look together in 5 minutes! A little de-cluttering added with some organization and a refusal to buy things that don't work for my body, has given me time and lots of serenity. It is truly life changing when you own your own style! You don't feel the need to follow every trend, because you know yourself and what works for you.

Nesta Simone Personal Stylist

I was over the moon when I found this gorg jumpsuit (above), that actually fit me with no alterations needed. With my petite frame and double DD bust, it can be quite a challenge for your girl! I'm so in love with jumpsuits, but always stray away because the proportions are never quite right. This wide leg jumpsuit fit me perfectly. It gave me all the 70's feels I am so obsessed with. The slight ruched bodice and attached belt, complimented my bustline and cinched my waist. I felt like a total boss babe! Thank you to the staff at Mint Market in Jersey City, NJ.

I hope you enjoy my new site and the services I offer! I look forward to connecting with you. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

With Love & Style,

Nesta Simone

Photography: Christina Yean

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit: Mint Market

Necklace: Mint Market

Sunglasses: Tias Place

Shoes: Steven

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